Rwenzori Mountain Trekking and Itinerary

Rwenzori Mountain “Mountains of the Moon”, as it is called is situated in Western Uganda in the East African Rift Valley and straddles also to the Democratic Republic of Congo and its conservation area known as Virunga National Park. This is the third highest mountain in Africa rising up more than 16,700 feet above sea level and its highest peaks rise above the clouds and are permanently snowcapped. Mountain Rwenzori ranges are higher compared to the Alps and they have glaciers which are one of the sources of the longest river on earth, River Nile. Margherita Peak is the highest peak on the ranges making it the 3rd highest peak in Africa together with its twin peak, Mount Stanley, which is within the park. The 4th and 5th highest peaks, Mount Speke and Mount Baker, are also within the park. The mountain ranges were first brought to the worlds notice in CE 150 by Alexandrian geographical researcher and photographer, Pletomy, when he described a stunning mountain which he christened “mountain of the moon.” Later in 1899, English explorer, Henry Morton Stanley, was as spell bound as Pletomy when he beheld the ranges and christened them the “Cloud Mountains.”

Mount Ruwenzori Itinerary

Day 1: Kampala – Kasese

A full scenic days drive from Kampala takes you across the equator and through the Rift valley to your overnight stop at  Kasese.

Day 2-4: Trekking Days 

Assisted by guides and porters you hike up to one of the seven intermediate stages. There is a great diversity of vegetation,   the chance of sporting some wild animals and breath taking views. The route chosen for you will be based on the skill and    experience you have. The camp cook will prepare meals and accommodation is in mountain huts or tents.

Day 5:Return to Kampala

Make a slow descent into Kampala via Mbarara passing through small villages with their Ankole Cattle and viewing numerous    mattock plantations arriving in Kampala late afternoon.

Note: This package can be extended to 10-12 days depending on how high one would like to climb. If you  are serious climbers Baker (15889) and Margarita (16763 ft) peaks are worth visit. There are numerous rugged cliffs. Rock  climbing equipment is needed.

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